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Professional photographer in Saint-Martin St.Martin Island : wedding, portrait, family, events, architectural, artistic photography

I took up photography at 16 years of age, with studies of the artistic Nude.
And I applied a rule which I still use today…

  • 1 single light
  • No cropping

This artistic technique taught me to master light, in the same way that a sculptor chisels to bring life out of a rock…  
Today I work in digital, using Nikon.
But I still strive for the perfect image as I see it.
I never use the motor drive.
The shutter drive, which shoots hundreds of images at a time to capture the perfect picture by a stroke of luck, is against my philosophy.
The way I use light is inspired by the same principles: I use natural light as much as possible for architectural shots, and flash principally for weddings: it softens the hard shadows created by tropical light.
There is a perfect light for every situation.

I love the possibilities offered by photo editing programs : creativity is infinite and the imagination is never limited.
I look on the computer as a creative tool, not as means for correcting technical failures.

When doing studio portraits, I feel make-up often does not compliment the subject: light is what enhances the face and the body.
Make-up becomes necessary when compiling a complete series of pictures for an album, or a magazine photo etc…


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